Dal Soup

When all you want for dinner is some nice warm soup but if you are too lazy to peel and cut vegetables, saute, boil, cool, blend, and boil as for a regular soup, this dal soup is a perfect option for you. It is quick and easy to make, and the light spices help in easy digestion.

Toor dal – 1 cup
Water – 2 cups
Turmeric – a pinch
Ginger – 1/2-inch piece
Curry leaves – 4-5 leaves
Cumin seeds/Jeera – 1/2 tsp
Green chilies – 3
Lemon juice – 1 tsp
Oil – 1/2 tsp
Salt as needed

Preparation Time: 5 mins
Cooking Time: 25 mins
Serves: 2

Wash toor dal well, add water, and pressure cook to 2-3 whistles. Let the pressure release naturally. Take the cooked toor dal out of the pressure cooker, and pass through a sieve or a whip in a blender to make it thick and smooth consistency. Add salt. Keep aside.
Heat oil in a pan. Add curry leaves, jeera, slit ginger and green chilies. You can lightly crush the cumin seeds to bring out the flavor. Stir until ginger pieces are sauteed. Add the cooked dal paste and bring to boil. Simmer for a minute or two. Adjust water and salt as required. Turn off. Add lemon juice just before serving.

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