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Samagni – the state of complete balance – is the condition where the digestive fire is well balanced and leads to normal digestion and absorption of food. In the Samagni condition, the immune system of our body is maintained perfectly and the body tissues are well nourished. Samagni is essential for preserving the healthy condition of the body and mind.

What you will find in Samagni:
Vegetarian recipes, mostly traditional South Indian, and occasional experiments in other cuisine. I was born and raised in Palakkad (an area in Malabar, Kerala). Food at home is cooked in the Palakkad style heavily influenced by Palakkad Iyer (a local community) cooking. Most of the recipes in Samagni would have a Palakkad tinge.

Back home things like bread, paneer, and cheese were unheard of. When I first moved out of home, I was not open to even trying out any of these things but gradually I developed a liking for the unfamiliar food also. Pasta and paneer are now regulars in my kitchen. You will find occasional recipes of these too.

What nourishes the body will nourish the mind and soul too. Just like cooking, maintaining good health is also a top priority for me and so Samagni has many recipes for the health conscious.

I believe that while food nourishes the body, music, art and travel nourishes the soul. So apart from recipes, you will occasionally find travel stories, gardening experience, and other things of interest also at Samagni.

What Samagni aims to achieve:
Over the years, cooking has become a passion for me. It makes me very happy to watch someone relish what I have cooked. Through Samagni, I aim to create a record of all those mouthwatering dishes that my mother and family members make. Samagni is a salute to all those wonderful cooks, places, and cuisines that I have come across. I hope that the future generation would find this useful. Samagni has a few customized versions of rare naadan (local) recipes also.

Who writes Samagni:
I am a 30-something woman who grew up in a small and culturally rich village called Thekkegramam in Palakkad, Kerala, and currently lives in Bangalore. My interests include a variety of things such as listening to music, cycling, swimming, traveling, painting, gardening, not to mention cooking.

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