Sweet Dosa

Samagni is back again after a long slumber! Times have changed. Monsoons are here. The summer treats like mangoes and jackfruit are not so easily found in the market. There are some but are not as tasty as they used to be in summer. When monsoons start, ripe jackfruits get soaked in the rain, and water seeps in through their thick skin making the fruit less sweet. That does not discourage jackfruit enthusiasts like me from sniffing out for them in the market and bringing them home. Only when you open the fruit, clean them out, and taste them do you realize they lack sweetness. But yet people like me need not lose hope. It can still be used to make mouthwatering stuff. One of which I had posted last year and another one that you can see below.

Sweet Jackfruit Dosa

Making a sweet jackfruit dosa is really simple. Grind a few jackfruit pieces along with soaked raw rice and jaggery. Make dosas crisp at the edges by sprinkling some ghee and they are yummilicious! so here we go:

For grinding:
Jackfruit pieces: 1 cup
Raw rice soaked in water for 2 hours: 2 cups
Jaggery: 1 cup
Elaichi: 2 pods

While making dosa:
Ghee – 1 tbsp

Grind the jackfruit pieces along with raw rice, jaggery, and elaichi into a fine paste. Add sufficient water to get a normal dosa consistency.

Heat a dosa tawa in medium flame. A non-stick tawa would be ideal. When the tawa is adequately hot, lower the flame and spread half a teaspoon ghee on the tawa. Pour a ladle full of sweet dosa batter on to the tawa. Do not spread because the thinner the dosa, the more the chances of it sticking to the tawa. Cook in low flame. The sweetness of the dosa might cause it to stick to the tawa. Cook in low flame to avoid this. After a minute or so when you see the sides getting brown, pour some ghee on the dosa, and gently flip the dosa using a spatula. Cook for a minute. Remove from tawa and serve.

I feel that Keralites have the most varieties of recipes using jackfruit, both sweet and unripe. Do write to me if any of you know some unique jackfruit recipes. You know i am a die-hard jackfruit lover.


  1. I too love this one! My m-i-l makes sweet idlis with ripe jack fruit. Slightly different and more simple compared to the ones we make with the jack fruit jam (chakkavaratti). I will share the recipe with you. It is yum…


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