Boiled Peanut Chaat

Peeled peanutsIt is groundnut season again. Bangalore has a unique festival dedicated to celebrating this nutritious nut. Many years back, Basavanagudi, a place in Bangalore, was surrounded by villages where groundnut was cultivated. On full moon nights, a bull used to charge and destroy the crops and the farmers were really upset and prayed to Basava aka Nandi (bull) Shiva’s vehicle) that they would offer their first crop to Nandi if their crops are preserved. Soon after this, a Nandi’s idol was found at Basavanagudi, and the farmers started worshipping Him. The idol started growing in size tremendously and to arrest the growth, the farmers put an iron rod on the idol’s head. You can see this nail in the form of a Trishul when you visit the Bull Temple at Basavanagudi. The tradition of offering the first crop of groundnuts continues till date. The annual Kadalekai Parishe (Groundnut Festival) is on right now.

Eating seasonal and local produce is the best for health as well as sustainability. Buying local produce means that the goods reach you sooner thus ensuring minimal loss of nutrients. By doing this you also support local farmers. Earth knows what is best for us in which climate. All seasonal crops are best suited for the climate of the season in which they get ripe. To give some examples, cucumber and watermelon available in plenty during summer acts as tummy coolants. Peanuts, Chinese potato, and other yam varieties found only in winter gives heat to the body. The recipe here is very simple, easy to make, nutritious, and chatpata. Involve children and all family members while peeling the groundnuts. With all the chitchat and banter, you will not realize how fast the work gets done.

Raw groundnuts – 1 cup
Raw mango (medium size) – quarter portion
Coconut – 2 thin ring slices from a broken coconut
Coriander leaves – 2 tbsp
Green chilies – 2
Lime juice – 1/2 lime
Olive oil – 1 tsp
Rock salt as needed

Preparation Time: 30 mins
Cooking Time: 5 mins
Servings: 3 small cups

Peel the groundnuts. Boil them in minimal water along with some rock salt. (I pressure cooked them to one whistle). Remove the water if there is excess left after boiling. Chop mango piece and coconut slices into small thin pieces. Slit green chilies. Remove the seeds. Chop into thin pieces. Chop coriander finely. Add all the chopped ingredients to the boiled peanuts. Add lime juice. Adjust salt if required. Pour oil. Mix well and serve.

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