Methi Leaf Dosa

Soft, instant, healthy, and appetizing dosa.


To Soak
Raw rice – 2 cups

At the time of grinding the batter:
Shallots* (peeled) – 1/2 cup
Dry red chillies – 6-8

After grinding the batter:
Methi/fenugreek/uluva leaves– 2 cups
Gingely oil – 2 tablespoons

Red chilly – Red chilly powder
Shallots – Onion can be used but does not give the same taste.

Preparation Time (for batter): 10min
Cooking Time: 5min.

To Make Batter:
Wash and soak the raw rice for 4-5 hours.
Grind the rice along with the peeled shallots and red chillies. The batter should be smooth and neither too thin nor thick. Add enough water to the batter to get a spread-able consistency. Chop methi leaves and add it to the batter. Add salt. Mix well.



Heat griddle and pour about a full ladle of batter on to the griddle. Spread the batter around carefully using the bottom of the ladle. Maintain low fire while spreading the dosa.


Close the dosa with a lid. The fire should be on medium.


Remove the lid after about 40 seconds to a minute.

Pour 1/2 tsp oil around the dosa and flip it over. The dosa does not need to be closed with the lid now. Let it cook for about 30 seconds.
Serve hot directly onto the plate!

List of accompaniments:
This tasty dosa can be had on its own. The spicier tongue can have sambhar or chutney along with it.

Health Benefits/Alerts:
You can store this batter in the fridge for 2-3 days. Those who prefer sour dosai can let the batter ferment for 5-6 hours and then use it.
This is a very healthy diet and saves the hassle of making sambhar or grinding chutney. Tastes great even when cold. Shallots and methi leaves add to the unique flavor of this dosa and make it nutritious.
Spreading this dosa on the griddle can be a little tricky and needs some expertise.

This recipe is a family specialty. The traditional choice for methi leaves is drumstick leaves. Since they are not available where I live, I use methi leaves. This dosa needs a medium level expertise in dosa making. It can be slightly tricky for a beginner to spread this batter. Since only raw rice is used, the batter tends to stick to the griddle if the fire is too high. The key is to maintain low fire while spreading the batter.

Skill Level:


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  1. AH !!! Yummy !! I love this one !!!
    Especially with podi !! 😀
    may be i should try learning how 2 make this one myself 😛 thank u!!! he he …


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